What does it mean to be a member at Heritage?

At Heritage, we think being a member of the local church is very important. It’s about taking ownership. Becoming a member means that you are willing to identify yourself with us – that you want to join us in our mission make to More People More Like Jesus.

What do i need to do to become a member?

1. Fill out the Membership Application below. 
Once you submit that initial application, Pastor Paul Osborn will reach out to you. 

2. Connect with Pastor Paul Osborn. 
Pastor Paul will reach out to you with talk to you about your interest in becoming a member at Heritage. He will then explain the process and get you set up with our Online Membership Class. 

3. Complete our online Membership Class. 
This is a series of short videos with response forms that is done totally online. These videos explain who we are and what we do. It also gives a brief overview of what we believe and ways to get involved. 

4. Interview with some of our Membership Team.
Once you've completed the Online Membership Class, Pastor Paul will work to schedule a time to talk with some of our Membership Team. 

5. Church Vote.
Following your meeting with our Membership Team, during one of our services, we will have a church vote. There we will present you for our church to vote you into membership. 

6. Get Connected and Start Serving. 
After you become a member we want to you dive right into helping us Make More People More Like Jesus!

Membership Application  
Membership Application Form



( )   -

Are you currently a member of any church?*

If you are a college student, do you plan to remain a member of that church and become an Associate Member of Heritage Baptist Church?

Have you trusted in the death and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins?*

( )   -

Have you identified with Christ and His Church through baptism by immersion?*

If not, do you understand that baptism identi es you as a follower of Jesus Christ and that it carries with it a great responsibility?

I would like to be baptized

I am ready to be comtacted regarding specific opportunities to serve within Heritage.*

I would like some help identifying my God-given strengths so I can serve more effectively.

By entering my name below, I acknowledge that:
I confess Jesus Christ as Lord, trusting in his death and resurrection.

I have been identifed (or I am ready to identify) with Christ and his Church through baptism by immersion.

I am willing to live by the values of Heritage Baptist Church.

I am prepared to join in the mission of Heritage Baptist Church, which is to make disciples.

If age 16 or older, I have read, understand, and am willing to abide by the constitution of Heritage Baptist Church.