We exist to
Make More People More Like Jesus.



Mission Strategy

How We Accomplish Our Mission





We believe that in order to be More Like Jesus you must be continually growing in your personal relationship with Him. 

Think. In our world today, there are so many factors that form and what we think about God and what we think about ourselves. It is vital that we anchor ourselves in The Truth of God's Word, spending daily time in it. We want to have a firm foundation that shapes how think correctly about ourselves, our world and our God. That is why we gather together to hear from God's Word, spend time in it personally, and then talk about it with others.  

Feel. It's not ok to just know and think correctly, unless what we believe to be true, makes its way to our hearts. We are created to feel. God has given us a heart and He longs for it to be passionate for Him and His people. When we feel passionately for God, we live out what we believe to be true. 

 Live. Thinking correctly about God and feeling passionately for Him, gives us the motivation to live obediently with God. When we understand that God wants only the best for us, we see His commands not as rules to follow, but invitations to live an abundant and full life. God's commands are always calls to something better!



God never intended us to live life on our own. In fact, we believe that Life is Better, Together! One of the many benefits of our relationship with Jesus is that it brings us into a family that is much bigger than our own, the Church. It is through this family that we can experience the love of Jesus that helps us become More Like Him.

Love. Throughout the Bible there are so many ways that we can show the love of Jesus to those a part of God's family. We want to be a church that shows His love to each other.  

Care. Life is not always easy and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. We want to be a church that people can lean and depend on when times are difficult. It is so encouraging to know that you have people that want to support and help during those times.  

Serve. Jesus modeled for us what service looks like.  In fact, there is a unique joy that comes when we serve. We want to be a church that serves one another. There are so many opportunities to serve depending on how God has gifted you!



Part of becoming More Like Jesus is developing a heart for those who do not yet know Him. Jesus has given all of His followers a mission to share and demonstrate His love to others. Here are three simple ways to begin that mission.

Pray. It is God who does the work in our lives, so it is vital that we ask Him to work on behalf of those we love and want to see have a relationship with Him. 

Invest. Building relationships with people takes time and intentionality. It involves doing life together. The more time you spend with your friends the more you want to see them live the abundant life Jesus has died for us to live.

 Invite. After some time, the difference of Christ in your life will become evident. This is when you can invite those who have questions about your faith and Jesus to take their next step. Maybe it's inviting them to a Bible Study, Community Group or attending a Worship Service together. It may even be inviting them into a relationship with Jesus!

Next Steps

Everyone has a next step. In fact, in order to accomplish the Mission that Jesus gave us, we need to be constantly looking for new opportunities to grow in our faith. For some, it may be getting back to church. For others, it may be engaging with a group of people who want to love you like Jesus. No matter where you are, we want to help you take your next step in becoming More Like Jesus. 

How We Engage in Our Mission